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We have developed an assessment methodology and accompanying tool based on ISO20400. It is applicable to all organisations, regardless of sector, industry, location and size.  The tool and its methodology can be used either for undertaking a self-assessment (with guidance) that will give you an understanding or how well you're doing, or you can get one of our experts to do a robust, objective, and deeper investigation of your procurement practices to a level of detail suitable to you.  This way you will learn what you are doing well and where there are areas for improvement - our assessments always provide recommendations for how you can be better.  The tool and our assessment methodology provide:


  • Direct connection to the new ISO Standard

  • Applicability for all organisations

  • International consistency in appraising sustainable procurement

  • Robust and reliable results

  • Meaningful recommendations for improvement

  • The ability to benchmark


Undertaking an assessment gives you a solid platform on which to build your strategy for becoming more sustainable in your procurement.


Are you interested in this service or do you want more information? Please contact us.

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