It takes a change of attitude and behaviours to truly implement and embed a new or revised approach to anything in life, and sustainable procurement is no exception.  We can support you in many ways in reaching your goal of truly sustainable procurement, for example, by:


  • developing your strategy so that it contributes to your overall organisational goals for sustainability, efficiency and business continuity;

  • helping you understand where your main sustainability risks and opportunities lie and then developing your category approaches to dealing with them;

  • Engaging your supply chain to raise their awareness of what it is you need from them in terms of sustainability;

  • Developing robust data gathering and performance measurement techniques for your reporting schedule;

  • Building sustainability staff recruitment and in to your colleagues' competencies and appraisals;

  • Revising your procurement process so that they inherently incorporate sustainability at PQQ and ITT stages; and

  • Assessing supplier responses to your tenders


We can build you a programme of work that takes your organisation on a journey to being more sustainable in how you manage your supply chains.  And, importantly, it brings your colleagues and ultimately your suppliers with you along that journey.

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